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    Year 11 promo.doc  (file size: 87kb)
    Te Wairoa Discovery Trail Activity Sheet  (file size: 478.6kb)
    Buried Village Treasure Hunt Activity  (file size: 57.7kb)
    Year 13 Geography Tourism Development at Te Wairoa, The Buried Village  (file size: 901.6kb)
    Landscape Information  (file size: 1.4M)
    RAM  (file size: 88.1kb)
    Tarawera Region   (file size: 551.2kb)
    Year One Worksheet  (file size: 1.2M)
    Year Two Worksheet  (file size: 931kb)
    Year Three and Four Worksheet  (file size: 1.5M)
    Year Five and Six Worksheet  (file size: 1.5M)
    Year Seven and Eight Worksheet   (file size: 2.1M)
    Year Nine and Ten Worksheet  (file size: 1.6M)
    Year Eleven Worksheet   (file size: 2.1M)
    Tarawera Legacy School Pricing   (file size: 2.9M)
    Smithy Activity Sheet   (file size: 390.3kb)
    Tarawera Legacy   (file size: 2.9M)

Educational Sheet

    Tarawera Legacy Pricing Dec 2013   (file size: 792.9kb)
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