Where is the Mountain, in relation to the Buried Village, that erupted?

The Tarawera volcano is approximately 12 km to the East, across Lake Tarawera.

What happened to the Pink and White Terraces?

The pink and white Terraces were thought to have been destroyed during the 1886 eruption. However on February 2nd 2011 it was announced that scientists believed they had discovered part of the pink terraces under 60m of water in Lake Rotomahana.

How long does it take to visit the Buried Village?

An hour to an hour and a half is needed to look through the Museum, excavated village site and to take the stream and waterfall trail.

How far is it to walk around?

There is 1.5km of pathway.

Is there any geothermal activity at the Buried Village?

No, the nearest geothermal activity is on the Southern shores of Lake Tarawera at Hot Water Beach.

Do you have guided tours?

Guided tours through the excavated village sites leave 3 – 6 times a day. They are optional and can take up to 45 minutes. Read more about the guides here.

Can photographs be taken at the Buried Village?

Photographs and videos can be taken anywhere in the attraction.

Who owns the Buried Village?

The Smith Family have owned and operated the Buried Village since 1931. Read more about the Smith story here.

Are there any bodies still buried ?

No bodies remain buried in the TeWairoa valley.

What was the population of the village before the eruption?

The village of Te Wairoa had a population of round 125 before the eruption.

When will there be more excavation?

Excavations have been carried out each decade since the 30s. Plans are underway for the next "dig".

What do you need to bring?

Walking shoes and protection from adverse weather. The paths are sealed but the waterfall trail has several flights of stairs.

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