News - October 2011

25 Oct, 2011
Pink and White Terraces stone carved replica finds home at the Buried Village

A massive rock carving depicting the legendary Pink and White Terraces is no taking up permanent residence at the Buried Village at Tarawera.

The 19-tonne carving gifted to the people of Rotoruaby Hinuera Natural Stone Quarry was transported to the Buried Village Thursday 20th October. It had been previously stored at the Rotorua District Council nurseryuntil a suitable l;ocation could be found for it.

RDC's Events and Venues operatiojns manager Joelene Elliott says the orginal terraces were destroyed during the eruption of Mount Tarawera in June 1886, so it is poetic that the carving be re-homed at the area of inspiration.

"The Buried Village is a signiificant Rotorua attraction and the site of the Te Wairoa Village which was devastated by the Tarawera Eruption.

We're rapt that locals and visitors will now be able to view tyhe sculpture from the village, which was where most tours to the Pink and Whites Terraces were orginally based."

Locals were first able to view the sculpture in July this year whenit was on display during the Quarry NZ Conference at the Energy Events Centre.

Pre-carving the stone weighed 30 tonne and was provided by Hineura Natural Stone Quarry and carved by Harry Toa and his team.


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