26 Apr, 2012
Latest Updates - Introducing Mozivision

Take a Personal Tour of the Buried Village with Mozi Vision

As of April 2012 visitors can add to the Buried Village experience the option of hiring Mozivision. Mozivision is a multimedia device that allows visitors to take a personal tour around the excavated sites. The device is pre-loaded with 20 Chapters of video, each video telling a story that is specific to the site the viewer is at.

Mozivision is the perfect option for visitors who do not have time to join a public guided tour or who prefer to navigate at their own pace. Devices can be individually used or shared. The visitor can choose to navigate the tour by using a map of the village or using an easy scroll down menu.

Narrator Thomas McGrath is a fourth generation Smith family member, who have lived, worked and excavated at the Buried Village of Te Wairoa since the 1930’s. Thomas will take viewers on a fascinating journey throughout the Buried Village sharing his own personal knowledge of the place he grew up.

Check out the introductory video below. 

126 Year Old Aspen Poplars Removed from the Buried Village

The start of April was a sad time for the Buried Village as we had to remove our 126 year old Aspen Poplar trees due to safety reasons. The giant Poplar trees towered approximately forty to fifty metres in height. They were significant to the Buried Village as they grew from the fences that were built in Te Wairoa pre-eruption. The fences werebuilt as part of a model village established by Reverend Seymour Spencer.

Over the last few months the trees became a safety concern during the extreme weather conditions. Branches began to fall and two displays were destroyed, thankfully no one was hurt. The decision was made to remove the trees, which proved to be a major job with the Village being partially closed for a little over a week. A big thank you to everyone for their support during this time.

Clippings from the trees have been taken and we plan to replant them along with a number of native trees to help preserve the wildlife at the Buried Village.


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