Responsible Tourism

The team at the Buried Village is keen to promote sustainable tourism in an attempt to keep our environment clean and our natural surroundings beautiful for you and future generations to enjoy.

All staff is well trained in the practise of sustainability. We employ local residents where possible in an attempt to cut down on journeys to and from town. At present, 60% of our staff live around Lake Tarawera.

We take reducing, reusing and recycling waste seriously and try to ensure that we use no more resources than our business requires.

We recycle just about everything we use and send a little as possible to the Rotorua landfill. Two of the many examples, coffee grounds from the café go onto our gardens and we have a computer based survey reducing paper use.

We encourage our visitors to recycle by providing appropriately labled bins in our café.

We monitor power use and have implemented many energy saving procedures. Door closers on external doors, all electronic equipment turned off overnight, the use of low energy spots in the Museum.

As we are 15 kilometres from Rotorua in a rural area near to lakes, our water supply and wastewater systems need to be closely monitored and maintained.

We have shut off taps and duel flush toilets, no harsh chemicals are used in the complex for cleaning and our water is filtered through a 4 stage filtration process.

We have a native tree planting programme which sees us plant hundreds of plants each year on the property.

Our guides are knowledgeable about the history of the Buried Village and the interpretive panels are clearly written and very informative.

Every year we hold an open weekend when we offer free entry to all. We support local schools the Cancer society and the Childrens Christmas party.

Click here to view the Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter website.

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