About us

About Us

Kia ora and welcome to the Buried Village

The Buried Village is a historical site with historic beginnings.

Currently one of New Zealand’s most visited historic sites, The Buried Village has origins which can be traced back to the Depression, and the 1931 arrival at Te Wairoa of Reg and Vi Smith, who along with their young sons, travelled in a borrowed car to what was a derelict cottage on overgrown land. That moment began what would become a long and inspiring story of hard-work, vision and dedication.

More than 80 years on, a third generation of Smiths continue the guardianship of the Buried Village.

Building on the hardwork of their forbearers, they have developed the site into an award winning heritage attraction that is visited by thousands of people the world over.

True pioneers in the growth and development of tourism in New Zealand, the Smith family have a proud history of commitment that spans over eight decades, and their dedicated family continues to grow with their loyal staff and ‘honorary Smiths’ who are committed to providing you with a truly memorable experience.

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Opening Hours

The Buried Village is open 5 days a week, all year around. We are Closed on Christmas Day

Hours of Operation

Summer October – February 10.00am – last entry 4.00pm
Winter March – September 10.00am – last entry 4.00pm
Thank you for creating something special out of a haunting moment in history

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