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Vi's Tea House

Vi's Tea House at the Buried Village has survived fire, the Great Depression and two World Wars.

The facade of the tearooms may have changed from its original state in 1910; however, the heart and essence of this very special place has not. Vi and Reg Smith, who arrived at Te Wairoa in 1931, were intent on surviving the depression and dreamed of building a business and way of life that would sustain their family for generations to come. 

Living in a historically rich place, visitors inevitably began to arrive. With help from their sons they began to clear the land for farming. Basil and Dudley picked blackberries for jam, and milk from the resident cow Darkie was turned into butter and cream. Violet made delicious Devonshire Teas and scones for the visitors.

The hospitality our quests enjoy today was born out of these humble beginnings with the Devonshire Teas being just as renowned. However, they now compete with an excellent array of coffees.

Enjoy a coffee recharge with feet up in a tranquil native bush setting. Outdoor dining gives our guests the opportunity to be serenaded by native birds, latte in hand, while the children burn off excess energy in the nearby playground.

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Vi's Tea House

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