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The big event

16 July 2010

June 10, 1886, the night Mt Tarwera came alive!

124 years on and it was great to see such an excellent turnout for the commemorative service. All our guests were treated to a delicious Devonshire Tea after the service, which was welcomed on the cold day, so thank you for an awesome turnout and memorable day.

On 11 & 12 June we had our open weekend, free entry for everyone, and even though the weather was against us we had lots of keen family and friend groups come out to take advantage of the offer. The Cafe was pumping, the coffee was flowing and the food was disappearing as fast as we could make it, absolutely chuffed!

Later on Saturday evening the Cafe hosted local guest speakers Phil Andrews and Ann Somerville who gave presentatons to our captive audience, followed by Wellington singing duo Rosie Tin Tea Caddy. Devonshire Teas again for supper!

All in all an extremely successful weekend had by all and we look forward to seeing you soon in the Cafe at the Buried Village.

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