Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

There is so much to see and do at the Buried Village that it is essential to plan your visit.  That way you can take advantage of all that Buried Village has to offer.

Navigating your way around is made easier knowing any possible access issues and guidelines of what to bring

For ease and simplicity, our directions on all these areas are clear and easy.

For everything else there is our FAQ section.

Once here, we want you to enjoy the Buried Village experience which includes the playground, tearooms and gift store.

So don’t be mistaken, a trip to Buried village is not only about ‘site walks’ and ‘museums’.

Hospitality plays a huge part in our history and it’s a facet of our operation that we proudly continue today, albeit with a modern twist.

Getting Here

First Time Visitors

Smith & Co Cafe

Gift Store

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