News - July 2010

28 Jul, 2010
maori Language Week

Kia ora,

This is Maori Language Week and this year's theme is Te Mahi Kai - the language of food. Come in to our cafe and make your food and drink selection in Maori. To make things easier we have a sheet for you to choose from, which even helps with pronunciation. Karawhiua - give it go.

20 Jul, 2010
MishMash TV Show

Check out the MishMash (kids TVShow) visit to The Buried Village. It will be featured, along with other Rotorua attractions, on Friday 30th July at 7.30am, 9.30am and 4pm. The production team were rewarded at the end of the tour with delicious hot chocolates . 

15 Jul, 2010
school holidays

As the saying goes... no rest for the wicked! That pretty much sums up how the cafe has been during the school holidays. Seems they are always on holiday, which is good for us though.

We have had chilly mornings but fantastic days to follow. Hordes of families have come out and made a whole day of it, soaking up the sun in the courtyard and relaxing with divine coffee and decadent cake, while the kids burn off their hot chocolates and brownies in the playground. So if you haven't been out to visit these school holidays, don't muck around - come out and see us as there are only a couple of days left.


Dave (Cafe Manager)

08 Jul, 2010
Walter Bateson & Boyun Kim

Walter Bateson and Boyun Kim have regularly visited The Buried Village Cafe. Boyun Kim has cared for Walter for the past 4 1/2 years but is returning with her family to Korea. Last week they came out for a last lunch together.




01 Jul, 2010
Busy Day

The beautiful winter day meant a busier than normal day in our cafe. A delight as always to have our group of local residents for their monthly morning tea.

01 Jul, 2010
school holidays

It is great to see so many Australian families visiting this week. Don't forget to check out our bonus offers. These you can print out to bring with you when you visit.

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